Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beautiful Izueen Cards (Part II)

‎"Dear Amri, one text message received .
Amri: i think i kinda like u.
Ween: i think i kinda like u too. :)
happy i kinda like u day. xoxo."


happy anniversary syg! i cant describe u more. ure juz so sweet. ily!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful Izueen Cards (Part I)

Dear Amri,
may you live to be 100,
may the last voice you hear be mine.
Happy belated birthday sayang!
- izueennordin, 19Sept2010

Thanks sayang for the sweeeeet birthday card!!
ily! :D
Cant wait for the second card.. heeeeee..
Ure the sweetest!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

"I kinda like u" day :)

this post is strictly for izueen nordin (padahal sume org leh bace zzzz)

its already 2 months.
there's too many reason to like u.

i like ur smile.
i like ur laughter.
i like ur style.
i like ur honesty.
i like ur humbleness.
i like u when u care.
i like u when u play with your hair.
i like the way u look at me.
i like the way u make cute faces.
i like ur sarcasm.
i like u when ure happy.
i like u when ure angry.
i like u when u play around.
i like u when ure "geram".
i like u when u pinch. (tak saket pon :P)
i like u when u hit me. (tak saket jugak :P)
i like ur taste.
i like ur radio station.
i like ur music.
i like ur food.
i like ur ice cream flavour.
i like u when u say u miss me.
i like u when u say u love me.
i like u when u hold my hand.
i like u when u pop my fingers. (im good at it now)
i like u when u falls asleep while texting.
i like u when u text half way then off to sleep. (jgn mara :-S)
i like ur cuteness.
i like u when u call me. (even u didnt say anything :P)
i like u when u step on my shoes.
i like u when u blush.
i like u when u shop.
i like u when u omg.
i like ur clumsiness. (sumtimes u are :P)
i like u when ure excited.
i like u becuz u trust me.
i like u becuz u like me too. (prasan jap)

oh my god. byknye lg..
there's too many reason syg.
sampai skang bertambah2 lg reasonnye.
because i like everything about u.

to be simple,
i like u because of u.
because ure nor izueen.
because ure the same izueen that i fell in love with.
im very sure thats the reason!

Happy 2 Months "I kinda like you" Day !
(mngkin pelik bg pihak ni kisah benar)

n its not "kinda like u" now.
Im sure now,
its "I Love You."

p/s: sy mohon maaf kalo kata2 sy ni ade menyakitkan mana2 pihak..oh ilysmsayang ! :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Words have a thousand meaning.
Words can be confusing.
Words can be a cure.
Words can even create war.

Playing with words are dangerous.
Words are powerful.
Be careful when using it.
Think before u playing with it.


God gives us heart to feel,
God gives us brain to think,
Appreciate what we already have,
Because we might lost an opportunity,
a great experience, or a maybe a life.
Before its too late.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

End of October.

Its a good month.

As usual, there's ups and downs for sure.



Food poisoning.


GREAT results.

MMU is the BEST.


I need.






wake up early.

sleep early.

feels great.

gf, i love.


Looking forward for November.

Thanks to you.


p/s: ilysmtizueenmorethanyouknow :P

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its You!

i think ure awesome

congrates sayang.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bandung Diet

and so it was the longest 4 days so far.

i was in bandung from 16th-19th October.
overall, it was another joyous family trip.
thanks to abah who made dis happen.
why bandung diet?
disebabkan makanan nye yg terlampau sedap,
dua hari pertama melantak mcm org gile,
saya diserang oleh racun2 yg membuatkan saya separuh gile.
no input..juz output.. walao..
imagine 2 days miss-ing meals..
pictures? ade malas nk upload. nnt2 la yer.
its good to be home.
you :)

- nama saya amrieakeeb, saya sayang kamu :p -